From Henry Hyde's collection
"The utterly fictitious — but lovely — Regiment von Eintopf, properly known as Die Erste Regiment zu Fuss von Prunkland, one of the most glorious units from my Wars of the Faltenian Succession campaign. They're marching past a balsa-wood built house I made many years ago in Charles Grant style: the house lifts off to reveal ruins beneath. The lonesome tree is a Last Valley creation.
    These are also original plastic castings, now probably nearly 30 years old, but all re-painted in 2006 for a refight of the Battle of Sittangbad from Brigadier Peter Young's book Charge! that a group of us put on at Partizan in Newark.
     This is indeed a very large battalion, totalling 80 figures in all! Grenadiers in bearskins (A3) are followed by marching musketeers (A1), with plenty of drummers (A7) in attendance and a bevy of walking officers (A5) painted as both officers and NCOs of various ranks. Beside the head of the column rides the colonel (AA4).
    These were all painted using GW acrylics and a technique which starts with a black undercoat. Because the castings have little detail, it's up to you how far you go in adding it. See the next picture for a close-up."

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