Ideally suited for the Seven Years War and American War of Independence, though many gamers also use them for the War of the Austrian Succession and other conflicts. These are all now cast in metal. They are instantly recognised by anyone who remembers Charles Grant's "The War Game" and many of Don Featherstone's works. NEW! We have now added a brand new range specifically designed for the War of the Austrian Succession and other early 18th-century conflicts. Scroll down!

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A1 Private marching (SYW) £0.45 Private marching
A2 Private advancing  (SYW) £0.45 private advancing
A2a Private firing  (SYW) £0.45 Private firing
A3 Grenadier in bearskin marching   £0.45 grenadier in bearskin advancing
A3a Grenadier in mitre cap marching   £0.45 grenadier in mitre marching
A4 Minuteman advancing £0.45 Minuteman advancing
A5 Officer walking (pack of 2) £0.90 officers walking
A6 Officer with sword drawn £0.45 officer with sword drawn
A7 Drummer £0.45 drummer
A8 Flag Bearer £0.45 flag bearer
A9 Frontiersman/militiaman standing at the ready £0.45 Frontiersman/militiaman standing at the ready
A10 Frontiersman/militiaman kneeling firing £0.45 Frontiersman/militiaman kneeling firing
A11 Frontiersman/militiaman standing firing £0.45 Frontiersman/militiaman standing firing
A12 Frontiersman/militiaman advancing £0.45 Frontiersman/militiaman advancing
A13 Native American Indians (pack of 3) £1.15 Native American Indians
A14 Militiaman marching £0.45 Militiaman marching
AA1 Dragoon trooper £1.30 Dragoon trooper
AA2 Light Dragoon Trooper £1.30 Light Dragoon Trooper
AA3 Hussar £1.30 Hussar
AA4 Staff officer £1.30 Staff officer
AA5 Staff officer charging £1.30 Staff officer charging
AR1 Artillerymen (pack of 3) £1.30 Artillerymen
AR2 Howitzer £1.75 Howitzer
AR3 Field gun (12-16 pdr barrel) £1.75 Field gun (6 pdr barrel)
AR3 Field gun (6 pdr barrel) £1.75 Field gun (12-16 pdr barrel)
AR4 Wagon wheels (4) £1.20 Wagon wheels
AS1 Infantry in tricorne marching £0.45 Infantry tricorne marching
AS2 Infantry in tricorne firing £0.45 Infantry tricorne firing
AS3 Grenadier in fur cap marching £0.45 Grenadier fur cap marching
AS3a Grenadier officer in fur cap with musket marching £0.45 Grenadier fur cap musket marching
AS3g Grenadier drummer in fur cap marching £0.45 soldier
AS4 Grenadier in mitre cap marching £0.45 soldier
AS5 Infantry in kalpak marching £0.45 soldier
AS6 Infantry in tricorne marching (no turnbacks) £0.45 soldier
AS7 Drummer £0.45 soldier
AS7a Hungarian drummer £0.45 soldier
AS8 Ensign walking £0.45 soldier
AS9 Officer with spontoon £0.45 soldier
AS10 Officer with sword £0.45 soldier
AS10a Hungarian officer with sabre £0.45 soldier
AS11 Infantry in tricorne advancing £0.45 soldier
AS12 Pandour advancing £0.45 soldier
AS12a Slavonian Pandour advancing £0.45 soldier
AS12c Pandour drummer £0.45 soldier
AS12g Pandour officer £0.45 soldier
AS13 Artilleryman with rammer £0.45 soldier
AS14 Artilleryman aiming £0.45 soldier
AS15a Artilleryman standing £0.45 soldier
AS15b Artilleryman with bucket £0.45 soldier
AS16 Mounted officer £1.30 soldier
AS16a Mounted Grenze officer £1.30 soldier
AS17 Cuirassier £1.30 soldier
AS18 Dragoon £1.30 soldier
AS19 Hussar £1.30 soldier
AS20 Cuirassier/dragoon officer £1.30 soldier
AS21 Mounted ADC £1.30 soldier
AS22 Dragoon officer, looking right £1.30 soldier
AS23 Dragoon officer, looking left £1.30 soldier
AS24 General Saxe £1.30 soldier
AS25 General Cumberland £1.30 soldier
AS26 Pack mule £1.30 soldier
AS26a Draught horse £1.30 soldier
AS27 Civilian driver £0.45 soldier
AS28 Pioneer £0.45 soldier
AS29 Officer with cane £0.45 soldier
AS30 Highlander advancing £0.45 soldier
AS31 Miquelete/Montagnard £0.45 soldier
AS32 General Khevenhuller £1.30 soldier
AS33 General Seckendorff £1.30 soldier
AS34 Arquebusier de Grassin £0.45 soldier
AS35 Hussar command (German) £1.30 soldier
AS36 Hussar command (Hungarian) £1.30 soldier
CONNOISSEUR FIGURES (sculpted by Barry Minot)
B1 British Grenadier, private firing £0.50 British grenadier private firing
B2 British Grenadier, officer £0.50 British grenadier officer
B3 British Light Infantry officer £0.50 British light infantry officer
B4 British Light Infantry firing £0.50 British light infantry firing
B5 British battalion Co. private firing £0.50 British battalion co. private firing
B6 American Light Infantry Officer £0.50 American light infantry officer
B7 American Light Infantry firing £0.50 American light infantry firing
B8 Staff Officer (in cloak) £0.50 Staff officer in cloak
B9 American La Fayette’s Light Infantry firing £0.50 American LaFayette's infantry firing
B10 American La Fayette’s Light infantry Officer £0.50 American LaFayette's light infantry officer
B11 American Ranger in hunting shirt £0.50 American ranger in hunting shirt
B12 French Officer, sword raised £0.50 French officer, sword raised
B13 Company Officer (any army) £0.50 Company officer
B14 German Grenadier firing £0.50 German grenadier firing
B15 German Musketeer, standing at the ready £0.50 German musketeer standing at the ready
B16 French Infantryman, standing at the ready £0.50 French infantryman standing at the ready
B17 Private advancing (AWI) £0.50 Private advancing (AWI)
B18 Grenadier advancing (AWI) £0.50 Grenadier advancing (AWI)
B19 Light Infantry advancing (AWI) £0.50 Light infantry advancing (AWI)
B20 Hessian advancing (AWI) £0.50 Hessian advancing (AWI)
B21 Highlander advancing £0.50 Highlander advancing (AWI)