These 30mm figures are all cast in metal.

BRITISH (24th Foot)
BZ1 Infantry kneeling firing £0.50 NPC1
BZ2 Infantry standing at the ready £0.50 NPC1
BZ3 Infantry standing firing £0.50 NPC1
BZ4 Minute man advancing £0.50 NPC1
BZ5 Infantry advancing £0.50 NPC1
BZ6 Officer with revolver £0.50 NPC1
BZ7 Infantry kneeling at the ready £0.50 NPC1
BZ8 Bugler £0.50 NPC1
BZ9 Infantry lunging £0.50 NPC1
BZ10 Casualty / lying £0.50 NPC1
BZ11 Infantry lunging (rifle above head) £0.50 NPC1
BZ12 Infantry standing, pointing backwards £0.50 NPC1
BZ13 Natal dismounted cavalryman standing at the ready £0.50 NPC1
BZ14 Mounted lancer + separate lance   £1.30 NPC1
ZZ1 Zulu advancing + separate shield £0.50 NPC1
ZZ2 Zulu general / induna + shield £0.50 NPC1
ZZ3 Zulu thrusting + shield £0.50 NPC1
ZZ4 Zulu in captured British tunic + shield £0.50 NPC1
ZZ5 Zulu kneeling firing £0.50 NPC1
ZZ6 Zulu attacking with Knob Kerry or Assegai (both weapons moulded together + separate shield — assegai shown here) £0.50 NPC1
ZZ7 Natal native auxiliary standing with shield (can be used as Zulu) £0.50 NPC1
ZZ8 Zulu lying wounded / dead £0.50 NPC1
ZZ9 Zulu wounded / falling £0.50 NPC1