Charles C. Stadden is the original sculptor behind these figures and certainly needs no introduction from me. Charles was probably the most prolific figure designer of all the early ones and even today his name is spoken of as one of the 'gods' of model soldier designers (he worked in 54mm, 80-90mm as well as 30mm).

He began his modelling career around 1950 and his 30mm and later 25mm (smallish) figures graced many of the early wargames battlefields. His figures are slightly larger 30mm and don't fit with the Willie figures. They are beautifully proportioned with a lovely sense of movement and every figure is an individual. His Zulu War range is, in my opionion, the best range of model/wargame figures ever produced. He must have watched the Michael Caine film 'Zulu' and stayed up all night sculpting to capture the urgency of the action at Rorkes Drift.

Finally mention should be made that the WWI figures listed in the 30mm Tradition catalogue were designed by Clive Knight around 1974. Clive was a London-based designer who worked in 30mm and 35mm scales. If Clive is 'out there' then he is welcome to contact me to give his figures more prominence if he wishes.

Please note that Tradition figures come in two sizes: what they call their 30mm 'tin' figures, as well as their 'wargames figures' ranges in 25mm. Where appropriate, the sizes are listed separately under the specific periods of history.

Horses are available in the following positions: standing, walking, galloping (legs bunched), galloping (legs splayed) and a variety of action positions, including rearing horse (for mamelukes).
Artillery horses (in harness) are available in the following positions:
AH1 Driver's horse (walking)
AH2 Off-horse (walking)